September 13- 15, 2019 Morningside Fall Retreat, Stony Point Retreat Center, NY

Queries to consider:

1. How do you describe your relationship with the earth?

2. How can we enhance our becoming more conscious of our interconnectivity with the natural world and each other?
3. How are we the
beneficiaries of the gifts from our brother and sister plants and animals across evolutionary time?
Was there a time when you treated the natural world with distain or disrespect, and later regretted it?
5. Is there another species, location or earthy phenomenon that inspires your spirit?

6. Are we engaged in nurturing and deepening our relationship with all creation? Do we make time to open to the Spirit through contact with nature? Do we strive to live in harmony with the Earth? How can we transform our lives in witness to our right relationship with the Earth, and join with others in active stewardship, realizing that we share one planet, now and in the future?
7. Do we support measures to avoid pollution of air and water? Do we support measures to establish the conservation and right use of natural resources?

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