Racial Justice Study Group - Feb 23 @ 1pm

Sunday, February 23, 2020 - 13:00

Dear Morningside Meeting Friends

The Racial Justice Study Group (RJSG) will meet on February 23 at 1pm following meeting for worship and fellowship in room 12T.  Please read chapter 20 (Lessons of the Civil Rights Movement) of Deep Denial and consider the following statement  for our discussion

•A uniting belief in the Declaration of Independence’s assertion:

“all [people] are created equal.”

• Organizations like the People’s Institute saw importance of black

leadership to unify and sustain multiracial movement for justice.

• White people who are tied psychologically to ideology of

white supremacy cannot offer effective guidance to liberation

of people oppressed by racism for many centuries.

• Assassinations of civil rights leaders and separation of white

working class (who went to Vietnam) thwarted the Movement.

• Most notable characteristic of the Civil Rights Movement:

black leadership. Civil Rights Movement was the biggest challenge

to the racial status quo since Civil War.

Your participation is very welcomed and looking forward to an engaging and informative discussion.

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