Quaker Approach to Business

Quakers have a rather unique theology, in which the Christ, the Teacher within leads us in our discernments.  Since all have the Teacher within, we do not need an outside source to mediate the Divinity; we are all capable of knowing God and doing the will of God.  Quakers approach Business as they do all committees, in the manner of worship.  Business Meeting opens and closes with silence.

There is no voting as it is believed that the Spirit is not divided.  What Quakers seek is called "sense of meeting," the moment when it is discerned that we are in accord with the Spirit.  Unlike majority rule, decisions are not based upon the most or loudest voices; unlike consensus, not every person need agree with the business decision. If the Clerk cannot discern a sense of Meeting, the business will be held over so that it can be "seasoned."