Ministry at Morningside

A minister at Morningside is any person whom God has called into service, regardless of formal education, social status, or experience, so all are potential ministers to one another in the Meeting and in the world.  No minister is paid for being faithful to the will of the Spirit.  

Inner Ministry

Inner ministry is worship in its many forms that arises from our trust that every person, man, woman, or child is capable of direct, unmediated experience of the Spirit. The quality of that experience depends on preparation and awareness. For this reason Morningside offers:

  • Support and discernment committees
  • Retreats
  • Worship sharing on several areas of spiritual development
  • Spiritual Nurturance Groups

Outer Ministry

Friends minister to one another as well as those outside the meeting and to the Earth itself. Among the more recognizable forms of outer ministry are:

  • Service to the meeting through committees—some are committees of the whole;
  • Vocal ministry—speaking in meeting;
  • Pastoral ministry—taking care of each other (from individuals to support committees);
  • Witness ministry—working in trust to bring peace, justice and love into the world.

Ministry and Counsel

While all Friends are ministers to one another, Ministry and Counsel (M&C) is the Meeting committee that helps to ensure the quality of worship and the quality of lives.

State of the Meeting Reports

Every year M&C organizes a time for the Meeting to reflect upon and discern the life of the Meeting over the past year. The result of these reflections is organized in the “State of the Meeting Report.”

To view past State of the Meeting  Reports, click on the one of the years listed below and the report will be displayed as a PDF file. You will need Adobe Reader to display them.  If you do not have Adobe Reader, click here to download it onto your computer.

State of the Meeting Reports for: