Almost all the content on the website is available to everyone, including the calendar and such documents as the Minutes of Meetings for Worship with a Concern for Business. The Find Quickly Menu on the left hand side of the Home page consists of links that provide one-click navigation to certain popular pages or documents.

Clicking on a menu tab opens up a screen displaying areas of content related to the subject on the tab. On the left hand side of most screens is a menu with navigation links to specific content and documents, mostly within that area. Documents are generally in PDF format and may be printed. Note: any text that is in blue is a link to another location or another file.

If you have any problems please go to the Contact page. Here you will be able to contact Morningside if you have questions or concerns. Your email, which will be acknowledged automatically, will be received by a member of the Communications Committee, who will respond directly if possible or forward your email to someone who can help you.

You will need to log in if you wish to use the functions that are limited to members, such as Friend Finder and Bulletin Board. Only logged-in members can post an event to the Bulletin Board, add an event to the Calendar, and modify their contact information.
Most functions, such as viewing Minutes of the Business Meeting, do not require member login.


Log in to Members Area

1. To begin, click on the Login link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  

2. Type in your username
              a.     Your default username is your email address; you may create a new user name after logging in, when you edit your contact information (see below).

3. Type in your password
              a.     If you do not know your password, click on Request New Password and follow the prompts to create a new one. Once you are logged in you may change your password when you edit your contact information (see below).


Editing Your Contact Information

When you log in, the page containing your contact information appears. To change your contact information, click on the “Edit” tab. At the outset, you are invited to change your username and/or password if you wish. When you first log in, check your contact information to be sure it is correct. Scroll down the page; add the name of your Meeting if you are a member of the Society of Friends. When changing your contact information, please follow the format of the original (capital letters, punctuation, abbreviations, etc.). You may also upload a photograph to your contact page. After making changes, scroll down the page and make sure to hit "Save."


Member Menu

After you log in to the system, you will see the Member Menu. It contains links to three functions:

    • Friend Finder
    • Bulletin Board
    • Add an Event to the Calendar.

Using Friend Finder

Friend Finder allows quick access to information about members of the meeting; it is open to logged-in members only.

1.   In the Member Menu box select Friend Finder.

2.   Type in the last and/or first name of the person you are looking for and click on Apply.

3.   The member’s information will display.

4.   To send an email to the person, click on Contact.


Using the Bulletin Board
The Bulletin Board is a place to learn about news & events that are of interest to Friends, but not specifically related to Morningside Meeting, New York Quarterly Meeting, or the New York Yearly Meeting (those events are posted on the calendar). Examples might be social action events such as a peace march or vigil, an event Friends are participating in such as a book reading or a concert, or information about a kitten who needs a home or a Friend who needs a place to stay. To post on the Bulletin Board, you must be a logged-in member.

1.   Click on Bulletin Board in the Member Menu.

2.   Click on Post an item to the Bulletin Board. You will be taken to a window Create Bulletin Board Post. Required fields have red asterisks.

3.   Enter the heading of the post, include time, date and place, if applicable.

4.   In the next field, add additional information. Include your name and contact information as part of this additional information. Note that you have formatting tools above that allow you to modify the appearance of the text, including one that allows you to directly copy Word documents (towards the right).

Attach a file

1.   Go to File Uploads.

2.   Choose the file.

3.   Upload the file.

4.   Preview the file to make sure that it is correct.

5.   Save the file.


Adding an Event to the Calendar

The Calendar of Events contains times and dates of events important to Morningside and Morningsiders, from Meeting for Worship and committee meetings to entertainments such as concerts in which Morningsiders are participating. The calendar is open to all site users, but only logged-in members can post events to the calendar

      1.   Click on Add an Event to the Calendar. You will be taken to a window Create Event.

            Required fields have red asterisks.

      2.   Enter the title of the post.

      3.   Under Type of Event, click on the x next to Select a Value. A dropdown window with a list of categories will open. Click on a category.

      4.   Fill in the fields for the event. Note that the time field uses a 24-hour clock. It will display as a 12-hour clock on the Calendar. If you want to indicate a span of time, click on Show End Date and enter the appropriate information.   

      5.   Preview the file to make sure that it is correct.

      6.   Save the file.


Logout. Log out of your account.

Reporting Problems

Questions about the use of the system and suggestions for improvements, as well as information about problems you’re having and any error messages should be directed to Bryan Oettel at