Faith & Practice

Meetings follow a Congregational Model in which the highest level of governance is at the level of the congregation.  On the other hand, all Meetings are part of a larger series of Meetings where Friends share beliefs outside of the their own Meetings.  The Yearly Meeting plays an important role in bringing together Friends of a wide range of beliefs and traditions who share a basic belief in the power of the Spirit in Silent worship. 

New York Yearly meeting publishes a manual of faith and practice that provides Monthly meetings with guidance when  making decisions of process.  Faith and Practice is not a rulebook; it does not prescribe rules of governance.  Instead it provides prayerful reflections about the most basic questions of conducting Worship and Business. 

Quaker process is always the combination of past wisdom and present experience. For this reasonFaith and Practice, which is regularly updated, serves both as collective memory and immediate resource.