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Mary Maxine Browne, a graduate (PhD) student in early English Literature at Purdue University will be in New York City for a major professional conference in mid-town Manhattan from 

Bernard Winter will give a prepared message to the community on October 29th, at 12:45. The topic will beon his residency at Pendle Hill this summer, where he created paintings that were meditations on the psalms of the Bible. Bernard will have the works of art available and he speak to the process of creating the works. 

Friends, on June 3, 2017 come to the Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park for a Memorial Day Meeting for Worship from noon to 1pm. Then stay for visiting hours of 1pm to 4pm. For a map of the cemetery, click here.

Friends, resistration is now open for the Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology (celebrating its 75th year).  The theme this year is "The Problem of Evil" with 4 keynote addresses by Lionel Corbett, MD, an honor and privilege for us to have.  One also chooses a small interest group in which to journey through the weekend.  It's a great community of Friends and others who meet once a year (and also in Washington, DC in February.)   Meeting for worship, evening diversions (story telling of our history and a no talent talent show), meals to share, relaxation.  Lebanon Valley College, A

Come join us for breakfast, 9:30am, Sunday, March 19, 9:30am.  We have agreed to share our experience (including costs) of medical alert devices.  Please join us even if you only have questions or just like breakfast!  Where:  Riverside Cafe, Riverside Church.  Questions? Contact Charlene, moneycoach@earthlink.net

The World We Seek: Now Is the Time: You are invited to a reception with Diane Randall, Executive Secretary of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, who is traveling to New York to speak about the exciting future of Quaker advocacy and the opportunities ahead made possible by FCNL’s capital campaign, The World We Seek: Now Is the Time.

Join us for hymn singing from "Worship in Song", and any other songs you may wish to share with us. Books are provided and bring 6 copies of any songs you'd like us to sing. We'll meet in Room 12T at 10 am and sing until around 10:45. See you there!

Please Join Together for our Spring Visiting & Workday At Our Quaker Cemetery in Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York

The Dancer-Citizen, Evolve’s online, scholarly publication, is now requesting submissions for our 4th issue.  We welcome contributions from citizens worldwide: